Friday, April 13, 2012

Zurker, Pinterest, and

Who has heard of Zurker?  Want an invitation?  Click this link:

Zurker is a brand-new social network released in 'stealth mode' on December 1, 2011. Since January 1, 2012, Zurker has been in non-publicbeta testing.

 Own the network

"Zurker is the only social network owned by its members. Not only do you own your content on Zurker, you own part of the actual social network itself! Members get vShares (a stake of ownership, or equity) in Zurker for referring their friends (without which a social network doesn't function anyway).  As more and more people use Zurker and the project grows, your stake in Zurker becomes more valuable.  Giving equity to members may sound like a radical idea, but it's only fair. Members should stand to benefit from what they bring to life - a social network is nothing without its members."

Having time for everything else in my day but this blog, so am sending a quick love note and update on my status.  I write while at work on my downtime, but there has been little downtime recently and (thankfully) into the near future.  Luck would have it that now being a member of several Tribes on Triberr, my works are being shared like never before in these three years of  writing Jewels from my In-Box with you, Dear Reader.  There has been a natural gravitation toward curation (rhymes with dj) while still adding value.  Now that you understand, please join and follow my Tumblr blog (Sharing Love), site:  (Share Some Love Today), and especially dj Goddessa on Pinterest.  These networks and more are all conveniently listed in my sidebar under dj Goddessa's XeeMe.  Oh, and you can sign up to get your own XeeMe.

Enjoy your weekend, Family, andShare Some Love Today!


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