Monday, April 23, 2012

Shareholder Tom -- Send My Tears feat. Alison Degbe

This video by Shareholder Tom featuring Alison Degbe came out last year. "Send My Tears" was in rotation in Funk Sanctum Radio and well received, but I don't remember seeing the video until now. Very nice video to a lovely tune.

The excitement today is that Shareholder Tom is releasing third new soul EP "45 Minutes out of 3 Years." As goes his biography:

"During the past decade the lack of album sales has been revisited again and again within the media. 'But I think it´s not the only reason why it is so difficult to not be in the black with an album,' says Berghaus. “It´s just incredibly difficult to bring music to the minds of people and it occurred to me that it’s no different to my beginnings in the 80’s. My heroes, during this period, were Chocolate Factory, a Mod band from Hamburg. The one and only album from Chocolate Factory was called, '45 Minutes out of 3 Years' and appeared in a mini-edition through FAB-Records, a small indie label, owned by a group of Mod, 60’s enthusiasts. Even then it was not about big sales, more about the passion, the music as an element that connects people and brings them together. Now this forgotten album from an 80’s band from Hamburg is the eponym for the third 'Shareholder Tom' long player, '45 Minutes out of 25 Years.'"

Sharing my love for this very soulful music from Cologne, Germany!

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