Happy #MusicMonday

It’s been a little slow here at work, I have only one item in my in-box at work, so let’s check and see what could possibly be in my personal In-Box, the one from which the Jewels are extracted for you here. 

The main reason why my posts here have been so brief recently is I have been very busy at work and as many of you know, I blog on my down-time here because there are just too many other activities (Mafia Wars, Age of Empires, Bejeweled, etc.).  Enough of me as just getting warmed up to share what’s in my box.  You see, if the keys are being punched and slapped around, I stay under the radar -- only if my thoughts can keep up with my fingers.

Also, if you are the person who has been listening 24/7 to Funk Sanctum Radio in the New York area, please Tweet about me, write me or something, so I will know you are just not a stalker or pirate and are truly enjoying the music.

Finally, here is one of the new things I have been playing around with...fun!:

Check this out on Chirbit

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