Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Funk Sanctum Radio Now Limits Listeners

Dear Listeners, Supporters, Beloved Artists in Rotation:
Sadly today Funk Sanctum Radio has now been reset to "zero" ad-free listeners which means that there is no more free ride. You must sign up for a live365.com account to receive the Funk Sanctum listening adventure 24/7 online and on your smart devices.
I will open Funk Sanctum Radio when listening hours go down.  This seems backwards; however, Funk Sanctum is classified as a "small" pro station whereby I can adjust the amount of free listeners from anywhere from 0 to 100. As a result, some listeners have been listening 24/7 for the past few months.  This is a great thing on the one hand because someone is enjoying my selections; however, now I am dangerously close to going over my allotted monthly 1200 hours and will then incur more charges on top of my existing fees. This decision breaks my heart; however, my station is a "free" service to you, and I have not budgeted an increase.

Here is the widget for Funk Sanctum, and please feel free to sign up for live365 and join me here--your station for uplifting music!  (P.S.  There is a free trial link attached to this link when you initially sign up.)
Also, attached with this announcement comes a plea to anyone who ever considered donating to Funk Sanctum to keep it free and open:  Now is the time and thank you for your consideration.

(2000) Mateo & Matos "Celebrate Life"

"We have got to come together!"