Monday, November 21, 2011

Video: La Rochelle, "Sitar"

Having suspended my Empire Avenue account over the weekend, I am free, free, free now to explore more music which is what I love. This had been sitting in my In-Box and is definitely a “Jewel.” I love La Rochelle and this video is so much fun that I hope you don’t miss it!



Happy #MusicMonday, Family.  This entire album is very, very good as well! Here is the well-written biography and press release. 

“Peter Cruseder is the main chef of La Rochelle´s sexy and funky tunes, enchanting you until a beaming smile and dancing feet are the only way forward. Peter Cruseder (electronics, keys) with Miss Gina Angel (voc) and Seimen Get (drums) rock the stage as an extraordinary live-act. Peter Cruseder Records: Aside from the live band, La Rochelle can also be heard on Peter’s own label. PCR is the dedicated launchpad for Cruseder´s various solo-projects along with La Rochelle.”


I couldn’t have written their press release any better:

La Rochelle “Sitar E.P.”

What the Hell it’s La Rochelle

“These smoking hot new Tracks by Peter Cruseder are gonna spin your head around and take your feet right off the ground. Fat 'n' Juicy House-beats combined with funky instrumentals are the ingredients that will burn down every party and jam pack the dance floor wherever you are. Right from the moment you hit the play button the signature title "Sitar" will come pouring out of your sound system and take you on a ride to a place where cool drinks, hot chicks and good vibes come together. So get on your feet, press play and enjoy the ride!!!”



(2000) Mateo & Matos "Celebrate Life"

"We have got to come together!"