Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free Download: Armchair Generals

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Today is a good day, no a great day.  Don’t know how I got around to them today, but was thinking of the Armchair Generals because they are my neighbors:  They are from Long Beach and I am in San Pedro.  I wrote a little something about them when I first heard of them but it needed to be revisited and elaborated upon.

So, today here it is the free download from their forthcoming EP on the Davidance label.  That’s how we learned of Armchair Generals in the first place because I get notifications from Ahead PR which is what Davidance uses.  I wonder if they will use Ahead PR on their upcoming new release.  I will investigate and let you know. 

“A great mix of soulful expressions and emotive organic rhythms,” said Marc LaCasse, “The subtle touches of soul and electronic are just the icing on the cake.”

The Armchair Generals have recently partnered with Altitude Media Inc. to premier their entire 2010 EP on US Airways flights. Along with an interview with the band’s lead vocalist and bassist Pernicia Jaye, Armchair Generals music will be heard on over 3,000 national and international US Airways flights with a potential to reach over 600,000 passengers throughout November and December.

The independent artists from Long Beach were recently nominated for two SoulTracks 2011 Readers' Choice Awards in the categories of Best Duo or Group and Best New Artists. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned for the band’s upcoming profile on Bandcamp.

About Armchair Generals:

Formed in 2006, the Armchair Generals are a fast-emerging independent band from Long Beach, CA boasting an infectious mix of soulful house, dance, down tempo and electronic music. Their live performances are exciting, cozy and inclusive with a unique ambiance that loyal fans love. The band has released three albums since 2007 which are currently available on iTunes and CD Baby. They’ve been featured on Fusicology’s “What Is Good Music” compilation CD (October 2010) and have received notable media coverage from local print and online media including Live Long Beach Magazine, Uptown Gazette Newspaper, LB Post.com, Nu-SoulMag.com, SoulTracks.com, and more. Hear music and learn more at www.armchairgeneralsmusic.com

(2000) Mateo & Matos "Celebrate Life"

"We have got to come together!"