Thursday, October 06, 2011

Google Page Rank Down From 2 to Big Fat 0

Dear Family,

It is startling and sad that this blog, In-Box Jewels, went from a Google Page Rank of 2 (which I put in a year and half of struggle to get) to a big fat 0, goose egg, nada today.

Okay, on the positive side?  I will exchange laboring over sending traffic here, getting quality backlinks and/or speeding up the load time of this page, etc., with more meditation, long walks, smelling real roses and Mafia Wars.

It takes a professional for a professional's job and SEO is obviously not going to be my next avocation.  Even though I put forth the effort, time and care, back down to a zero for an unknown reason.  I am only here to have fun, so let's rock!

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