Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Farewell to Pocket Tunes

I have had a Palm PDA since my Palm Treo 600 back in the day and began using Pocket Tunes for Palm and was able to stream my Internet station, on my phone for the last nine years.  I have updated that Treo many times, and am still using my Treo 655p on Sprint with my original plan which is unlimited data usage for between $69 and $71 per month.  I am streaming my station continuously on it with no extra charges. 

Just last month I received notice that Pocket Tunes no longer will be updating Palm or Windows Mobile applications.  It was like yesterday when they worked with me personally to get my station, Funk Sanctum Radio, listed in the Pocket Tunes Online Radio Stations Directory more than 9 years ago (which, by the way is still listed, even though this list will never be updated again).  This was a very sad day for me indeed as I have never depended on any one application for so long and so faithfully. 
PLEASE NOTE: Pocket Tunes has been discontinued for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. This page is provided for your convenience only.
Hundreds of preset Radio Internet Stations.
Pocket Tunes 4.0 included a huge catalog of the most popular Internet Radio stations available.
This was my listing in the Preset Radio: 
    Greazy Radio Live365 Goddessa's Funk Sanctum projectVIBE
I only listened to my own station on Pocket Tunes, and have not listened to any other terrestrial or Internet stations during these years.  However, as a result, my station sounds like no other, or if they sound like Funk Sanctum Radio, they have been listening to me. LOL

The thrill is that Pocket Tunes is presently working. I still am using my throw-back Palm and will continue until I figure out the next step.  Interestingly, I saw one of the most prolific writers of our times sharing his office on Sunday Morning during which he described still writing novels on one of the first standalone word processors--no email, internet, etc.  That is me, the only person on the West Coast still using a Palm with Pocket Tunes, but to me, it was a marriage made in Heaven.

Last month we took trip to desert and used my partners HTC Evo with the live365 application, and I tell you, there was more buffering than we ever experienced with my little Palm and PT.  However, maybe my Sprint network is more powerful than AT&T—who knows? 
What device and plan do you have and what would you recommend I reluctantly migrate to next and why?  Thanks for reading my rant about Pocket Tunes, and you are great application and will be sorely missed.
Grangoddessa Herself
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