Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Empire Avenue Is Monopolizing My Free Time

Good things have come from me joining XeeMe.com which is a great site to organize your entire Social Network into one location. XeeMe is excellent and also where I learned about trending networks such as Quora and EmpireAvenue.

I joined Quora but had to deactivate my account because they only let you use your "real" name. They did not believe that dj Goddessa was my real name, so that's the end of that story.

Then I joined Empire Avenue primarily to have more social network listings in XeeMe, but there was a big surprise waiting for me. This is a great game! I love games (Mafia Wars, Second Life, Bejeweled Blitz), and now EmpireAvenue has my attention. Empire Avenue involves simulating stocks and trading of which I knew nothing and previously thought I did not even care to expand my knowledge in this area. However, after two days of watching my stock go up and up and people "buying" into me before I even knew what I was doing there had me hooked.

Now, after two days, I can honestly say this is the best game I've played so far and it has elements of all good games. Another interesting aspect is that I have been begging my 4,000+ FB friends to "like" my fan page for months now with virtually no movement. After two days on Empire Avenue, 14+ likes on my FB Fan Page. This in itself is enough to keep me in.

However, not trying to re-create the wheel, you can check out these explanations that helped me play in my two days of play here:

 A Beginners Guide to Empire Avenue and

 How to Play Safe in Empire Avenue

Also, if you want an invitation, here is: Join djGoddessa Empire Avenue See you there! Grangoddessa

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