Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review: Muhsinah's "Gone" 2xEP Free Download

When my son turned me on to Muhsinah, "The Golden Girl" years ago, the most surprising thing was that "he" liked her. He already knew I would because "she does that electronic music that you love, Moms."

Now in 2011, I'm surprised again that Muhsinah is not yet a household word around the World!  Look at the price:  Free Download, and woah, even Granny was able to copy this code and put the offer in its entirety on this blog with a few adjustments.  Take the time to acquaint yourself with this New Artist and Old Soul . . . at no cost to you even . . . and spread the love.


WOOT! Did we say FREE! Thank you so much, Muhsinah, for the heaps of love.

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