Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Free Download: Yesterday's Machine - Saturn Never Sleeps

“The experiment began in 2009, when the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia asked them to create a presentation based around Sun Ra. Jumping at the chance, they created two shows of electronic improvisation, which turned into a curated monthly event, a label, a duo and now a debut album. Producer/DJ, King Britt and science fiction singer/producer, Rucyl are Saturn Never Sleeps, in all of its incarnations.
The album, Yesterday’s Machine, is the result of love, labor and many opportunities presenting themselves. After touring everywhere from Basel Switzerland to Tokyo and beyond, after the awe inspiring nights of mind bending collaborations, the two have written a proper album, which represents the culmination of all the above. Yesterday’s Machine, combines an experimental create-in-the-moment vibe with inspirational lyrics and vocal sonics that range from Sade tones to Flora Purim’s ethereal layers. The result is a well crafted, intelligent, genrepushing, electronic soul rooted in the duo’s collective years of experience and musical expanse.”
Saturn Never Sleeps Press Release: Yesterday’s Machine Release Date: Aug 2, 2011 Label: Saturn Never Sleeps:

Check out the free download and then head on over to purchase it here:  iTunes.

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