Thursday, May 26, 2011

Added Google Checkout to In-Box Jewels

What to most people has been described even by Google to be a three-step process has taken me most of the week.  Victory!  You can now donate conveniently to In-Box Jewels and djGoddessa if the Spirit moves you through Google Checkout.  After signup, linking, installing, verifying, etc., then doing it all again because something was not linked properly, there’s a bright, shiny new Donate to In-Box Jewels widget.  Who will be the very first one to share some love so we can discover how well this works?

Next, I found a nifty plugin to Windows Livewriter that automatically put the Facebook “Like” button on this blog.  Not sure if I like it yet.  What do you think?  That did not last long because it took out the Google Friend Connect wizard.  Now, an update at 10:54 on Friday, Friend Connect is back, going to try to reinstall the “like” button and see if everything still plays nicely together. 

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