Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mark de Clive-Lowe, Forthcoming Album Review of "Leaving This Planet"

Dear Fellow Space Travelers, Just a quick message to let you know that your dj took the plunge and bumped up to CD Quality 64kbps.  For the last 10 years, I have been listening via Pocket Tunes on my throw-back Treo, which reduced buffering  when personally listening and others who did not have a fast Internet connection.  Now I realize no one else in the world had such a connection, hence the upgrade.  The station sounds ____.
This upgrade could not have come at a better time.  Look what was in my In-Box, this "Jewel" of new songs  from Mark de Clive-Lowe's forthcoming album entitled “Leaving This Planet.”  If there are any plans of leaving, Mark better take me with him because he is one of the live visionaries to whom we turn for inspiration, leadership and creativity in the music world these days.  The Brother gets down.  Here it is.  Nice cover art:

MdCL: Leaving this Planet EP:
  1. Koko + Lee Roe
  2. Dreams featuring Bembe Segue
  3. What it Is
  4. Leaving this Planet featuring Sharlene Hector
  5. Eight
Mark de Clive-Lowe - keys, synth bass, drum programming / Bembe Segue, Tawiah, Nia Andrews, Ovasoul7, Sharlene Hector - vocals / Nova Lima (Dreams), Omar Phillips (Koko + Lee Roe, Eight) - percussion / Lil John Roberts (Koko + Lee Roe), Richard Spaven (Leaving this Planet) - live drums / Mike Feingold - guitar (Koko + Lee Roe).  Produced by Mark de Clive-Lowe; Mixed by Toni Economides (except 'Eight' mixed by Dego for 2000Black) - a Mashibeats Bandcamp Exclusive - http://mashibeats.bandcamp.com Mark said:
“This new 5-track EP will be a bandcamp only exclusive as a little warm-up before the new full-length MdCL LP 'Renegades' dropping this summer.  The 'Leaving this Planet' EP is a collection of studio joints featuring friends and family from LA, Atlanta, London and Peru. Two tracks are covers paying homage to two great keyboard players - Charles Earland flipping 'Leaving This Planet' with the UK's Sharlene Hector (Basement Jaxx) on vocal duties and Gene Harris - covering 'Koko + Lee Roe' with a full cast of crew including Bembe Segue (The Politik), Tawiah, Nia Andrews, Ovasoul7, Omar Phillips (Outkast/Dungeon Family), Mike Feingold (Erykah Badu) + Lil John Roberts (George Duke/Janet Jackson).  Also included on the EP is 'Dreams' feat Bembe Segue with Peru's Nova Lima on percussion (previously released on an exclusive Japanese vinyl 12" under our joint guise The Politik); and two instrumental cuts – "What It Is" is one of my favorite jams to play out at the moment morphing the dancefloor from a soulful house bounce down to slow, slow head nod; and the other "Eight" is a dark west-London flavored jazz break, with additional sonic flavor courtesy of a mixdown by 2000 Black's Dego . . . enjoy the tunes, enjoy the journey . . . and keep your ear out for news on the LP 'Renegades' very soon!  MdCL.”
Hardly able to control my excitement, I guarantee you will love this; however, you have to tune in to Funk Sanctum to listen now because we cannot share the download link!  Incidentally, me being a “Pro” station on live365 means that I have a cap on the number of hours allotted each month, and beyond those hours, charged for extra listening hours.  Your dj does not advertise for listeners because (1) I pay for each and every one of you, and (2) Funk Sanctum is commercial-free.  However, please feel free to put "In-Box Jewels," this humble blog, on blast whenever the Spirit moves you! Lastly, welcome Friends from the "Lower Your Alexa" Blog Decrease Hop and hopefully you will find something here worth commenting upon. GranGoddessa (herself)  hehehehe
Prior In-Box Jewels posts adoring Mark de Clive-Lowe:
I have featured MdCL in "In-Box Jewels" a lot you say?  Well, he is all-the-way live, he loves to share with the downloads and his music is superlative!  What more can I say? Lovesick (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix) (Prod. By Mark De Clive-Lowe)
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