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Funky #FollowFriday Already w/ Miles Davis 1991

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Dear Family,

Miles Davis' last concert was at the Hollywood Bowl 8/25/91 with the Yellow Jackets, David Benoit and I was in attendance in the audience! This has to be one of the biggest "coincidences" in my concert-going history. I love live music. That being said, I have made it a point to see my favorite artists live whenever possible. But this particular concert in 1991 was especially sweet. My friends worked at a place that had season box seats for the Hollywood Bowl and requested tickets for four of us friends. She had no idea what day or who would be headlining until closer to the actual date of the tickets. Well, it was decided the tickets that were given us: August 25, 1991 -- that is my birthday in Real Life!!! I was going to have box seats for the Hollywood Bowl on my birthday (FREE !!!). Okay, now it's getting closer to the date and we can see who will be playing: None other than MILES DAVIS!!! I moved to New Jersey in the sixties primarily for the proximity to New York jazz.

It was 1969 exactly when on the bus from LaGuardia to Newark, my new home, I sat down next to a grandmotherly looking woman. It was not long into our ride on that Greyhound that she told me she was Miles Davis' maid. You know that I took this as a "sign" that my move was the right thing for me to be doing. She told me he was very nice to her. She stayed there during the week and went home on the weekends.

 She did let me in on a little secret. She said he was "weird." He had mirrors on all the walls and even the ceiling in his bedroom. This was unheard of to me in 1969, but I was relieved he was nice to his maid. She really liked his weird ass. I took this meeting as a definite sign I was making the right move to Newark from St. Louis.

Back to the magic night at the Hollywood Bowl with Miles: Miles is playing and playing and in the middle of one song he breaks into the melody "Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday to You!" My friends all turn to me with wide-eyed disbelief. They nor I could believe that Miles was playing "Happy Birthday to me!" They all thought that I was Magic. I felt Magic, but we lost Miles. So sad. Have not bought any new jazz in so so long.

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