Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eska's "Tino Famba Tese" We Can Walk Together Free AIFF Download

Hello World and Beloved Readers,

Eska "Walking On The Moon" is the Live Remix Eska put on Soundcloud today. Yes, you can even download it to your very own computer

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 08:  Vocalist Eska p...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

From Songbird, Eska:
"This one is especially for all you Zimbos out there. I am not a confident Shona speaker let alone writer…Kutaura chiShona kunonetsa stereki??…but I delighted in saying the most ridiculous things to my Mbuya (grandmother) when she was alive. Irony does not really exist in the Shona language so you can only imagine my English sense of humour translated into ridiculous/surreal shonglish…often resulting in her laughing hysterically…which made me so warm inside. My opening lyric, ‘Tino famba tese’ is translated, ‘We can walk together’. And on that note…Pamberi ne Zimbabwe!"


I love this song, and hearing Heidi Vogel (Levo) on background vocals made my day!

The Cinematic Orchestra (iv)Image by volume12 via Flickr
This is one of my favorite songs "Bring Me To Your Life" - Heidi Vogel.  Do you like it?  Have you heard of these London vocalists?  If not, they are definitely worthy of your attention now.

You may have noticed this Eska tune is an AIFF file.  If you need to use it for your mp3 player or i-pod, it will have to be converted.  It can be done through i-tunes, so not being an I-tunes user, check what I found instead:  big-time props to the mp3toaiff Website because this one site reaffirms all the good that can come from the Internet for me.  This is a FREE DOWNLOAD and is sweet and clean.  The download process is effortless.  Once downloaded to your computer, it seamlessly and speedily converts AIFF files to MP3's and vice versa.  Also, for those of you like me who never heard of AIFF files, it explains in laymen's terms.

I am so happy today that I can't imagine being any happier, and I trust that the beautiful Eska's music will make your day happier as well!

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