Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Clark Terry - 90 years old today!

Happy Birthday, Clark Terry,

Just when you think I review current, independent worldwide house music, today’s Jewel is fellow Saint Louis native, Clark Terry.  Happy birthday, Mr. Terry, who was born December 14 in St. Louis, Missouri--90 years ago!  I wonder how old he was when he did this with Count Basie’s band?  What a treat to be able to watch Count Basie at my desk before beginning my transcribing for the day.  What a great song and presence!  I am so excited to be able to share this with you.  There are so many positives about these-here modern times that magic unfolds with the click of a mouse.  We salute you, Clark Terry, a Living Legend!  

Incidentally, Clark Terry went to Vashon High School which made me think of my second cousin, Pearl Schwartz White, who taught at Vashon for many years. She was actually my first employer. I typed her radio show scripts every week (always on a rush basis) on my trusty Remington Quiet Riter. So I Googled cousin Pearl and here is a smidgen of what I found:

PAPERS, 1915-1980

Pearl Schwartz White was born in St. Louis and taught in the St. Louis public schools her entire teaching career. She received her B.A. from Stowe Teachers' College and an M.A. in education from Teachers' College at Columbia University, New York. In 1963 (I was a junior in high school) she began broadcasting Open Road on KATZ radio, a weekly informative radio show. (I typed all of her transcripts, so this means transcripts I actually typed with my own little hands are in the Western Historical Manuscript Collection. Look Ma, I'm almost famous!) Wondering now if Pearl taught Clark Terry? Isn't this world one big coindinki? God, I love music.
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