Monday, September 06, 2010

Webcasting Free Funk -- Video: Teena Marie Concert, 9/7/90, live

My End-of-Summer post::

Yes, thanks to my partner, for being supportive, spontaneous, and who has spiritually  guided us on many adventures, the most recent of which culminated in the Lady T Concert at the L.A. County Fair in Pomona last night.  I promised to write about our experience when we were fortunate enough to meet her before (twice, hehehe) but that is still forthoming.

This first video is a clip of "call and response" with Teena Marie and I Think it is Don't sleep on these videos, family, because don't know how long they will be up as I do not know the legal ramifications, hmmmmm, more on file sharing later.  will do the research tomorrow.

If i was Teena Marie, I would want to have true fans posting about me as much as possible because that shares the love which is what she is about.  She is nothing but the "Queen of Gracious" and and one to try to copy when it comes to working a stage and walking it, you know.

How does she hit those notes?  Dang, her voice is better than ever!  This was a woman on stage whipping the children who had never been to a "Real Concert" to an instantaneous "this gets no better so pay attention!"

Your dj out of respect for the laws of the universe is not publishing directly to YouTube.  Yes, I bought her last CD.  I don't buy hardly anything these days--get a clue.  I paid to go to this concert and would do it again.  So, here's to you who love her even more than we do (if that is possible)...who could not go because they could not afford it . . . those who could not go because they were sick and shut-in . . . those who could not go because they are not geographically enabled--I SHARE!!"

The concert was the best I have been in a long time.  I think it might be Jeannette Harris on saxaphone with Teena Marie, but I am still doing more research on this.  Please let me know if you know her name.

I share books, art, music, love, life, money, mp3's and now this video...check it and share it while we can!  God I love music, Teena Marie and you for reading all this.


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