Saturday, August 07, 2010

Point Fermin Taste In San Pedro 2010

Another Day In paradise . . .

           However, we are being invaded as I type this by thousands upon thousands (they hope) for "Taste in San Pedro" going on right now.  Your dj is fortunate enough to live a few blocks from this event and you can feel the excitement brewing.  Most of the "Tastes" I have attended through the years are always fantastic and the wine superb and the bands keep all ages jumping. 

           Also, here is a warm welcome to my new friends and connections who have joined me in MerchantCircle from San Pedro.  I have only been active since May and have 18 wonderful connections and have learned so much more about San Pedro in these few months than the years I have been here.  So excited to meet all San Pedro business owners online and persnally .  Many businesses I know already because I love to recirculate the San Pedro Dollars whenever possible. 

          The MerchantCircle members who joined me before last week will recall I had an actual photo of me posted in my profile.  Well, consider yourself special because no one must know my real identity and it is now removed.  Remember that face because you will see me around town and and in your restaurants and Green Dry Cleaners and think to yourself, "Hey, there goes dj Goddessa with her happy self."

Hope to see you at the Taste! -- dj Goddessa (herself) hehehehe

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