Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spotlight on Candace Parker: Life after shoulder surgery

Lisa Leslie and Candace ParkerImage by WomenTalkSports via Flickr
Spotlight on Candace Parker: Life after shoulder surgery

Now that the WNBA is heading to the end of the regular season play, as a Los Angeles Sparks fan and VIP, this was my most fun-filled season.

1.  I got to sit on the soft seats on Camp Day (skipped work for that!);

2.  I saw some of the New York Liberty players in the building where I work.

3.  I witnessed the retirement of Lisa Leslie's No. 9 jersey this week and of the thousands in attendance, she signed MY backpack which was given to the lucky early ones in attendance that night. Hold on while i try to take a picture of this and upload it: 

In the meantime,
Here is great article from Cathy Goodman.  Going to load up all the L.A. Sparks stuff in this one blog post:
Kathy Goodman: Thank you, Lisa Leslie
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