Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Gems", and YouTube posting with text problems

Louie Vega & His Elements of Life (ii)Image by volume12 via Flickr
Hello Beautiful Readers,

Your dj is at work (thanking God I still have a job), and someone who will never read this blog just sent me this message in an e-mail:  "Thank you . . ., you’re a gem!"  Hahaha, they will never know the full extent of the veracity of this, nor that their email became the subject of today's "In-Box Jewel!"

I wanted this text to accompany the previous post with the video, but it won't. Louis Vega is my main man one of my main men in House Music, and we go way back . . .

No, he won't know me. The ones I like the most do not get followed and begged for promos by me. I'm funny that way. So I purchased this one this morning. 

I first heard "Little Louis" in the 80s when I was driving to L.A. from the Valley listening to 102.3 on a Saturday to get my Jerry Curl, and Little Louis came on with "I Called You." From that moment your dj had to have this music and drove directly to the record sto (remember ?) and bought it. It is rare that I buy music because when albums started sucking and there were only one or two good songs and the albums were not great in their entirety, yours truly just made tapes from the radio (can I get a witness on this one ?).

Well, Little Louis has certainly evolved and thank God so have I (instead of recording from the radio, I AM the radio hehehe), and I am proud to present today's jewel, Louie Vega! Let's have a woot-woot! 

Here is what his label King Street said about this latest "jewel":

July 14, 2010 (Not the first to hear it, but not the last one either!)

"Louie Vega @ Drogon-i'  The Hype:  Touted as Hong Kong's grooviest venue and premier danceclub, Dragon-I has been visited in the past by countless celebs including Rihanna, Lionel Ritchie, Coldplay, Michael Jordan, Venus Williams and many others. It's only natural they teamed up with Grammy Award winner Louie Vega and King Street/Nite Grooves to release their first ever house music digital compilation. This is the first time King St has released an overseas club-related comp as well. Louie returned to his lab and re-worked Dennis Ferrer feat Mia Tuttavilla's smash hit "Touched the Sky," and has especially created his very own intermittent Vega beat original floor fillers, namely I, II, & III, which are seamlessly mixed throughout various segments. All of the selected tunes have slight peaks and valleys with mostly even keels and steady tempos, that tug on the swaying hips ever-so deeply. Other highlights on this comp include Jon Cutler's dub of Kimara Lovelace's "Far Away," Mr.V's 5 Beats Mute Pass of DJ Roland Clark's "Have A Good Time," the Kerri Chandler Kaoz 6:23 Dub of Studio Apartment feat. Monique Bingham's "Found Him," the Teddy Douglas Re-Edit of Pastaboys Main Mix of Ananda Project's club hit "Where The Music Takes You" and quite a number of other notables. The end result is a smooth straight up no holes barred House voyage of the best tunes to be released by King St in recent years, and with the Master at the helm you just know it's going to be a great ride."
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