Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Incognito, Chaka Khan and Tuesday Blog Hops

Why can I write beneath the YouTube player window and sometimes I can't in my posts? Why will the player embed sometimes and sometimes not? How do I get rid of the "read more" on my posts because I don't like it any more? Why do I have a 2 Google PR on my facebook page that I never use and a big fat 0 on this page? If I knew what I was doing here, I would be dangerous.

Welcome, first time visitors. dj Goddessa here of Funk Sanctum Radio which is online. Click that button to the right of this post to stream while you read the rest of this and follow me on all the other social networks, and I will follow you back. I am at work right now, but managing to squeeze out these few words.

If you are wondering what the photo is on my linky today, it is moldavite.

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