Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Happy Music and as many Blog Hops as I could find!

Good morning.  It is amazing that I am able to think of something to write about every day, but my life is interesting.  Just driving to work listening to my station, Funk Sanctum, on my handheld with the use of PocketTunes sublime!  dj Goddessa surprises even me.  Dawn Tallman with "Make A Joyful Noise" got me here today.  Dawn is fantastic, which needs no repeating if you know her.  Nice to meet all you good folks who will find me by this blog hop.  There are going to be more, but just to let the Trailing Tuesday hop know I'm serious, publishing this now . . .

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(2000) Mateo & Matos "Celebrate Life"

"We have got to come together!"