Friday, June 25, 2010

Get Streema Radio Tuner and (Funk Sanctum) Radio in your Blog!

Happy Funky Friday Family,

Today’s the perfect opportunity for me to write about music and Internet Radio because my office manager whom I mentioned to you yesterday is taking a vacation day today!  Oh, no, i'm on my own!!
***happy dance, HAPPY DANCE***

Curious about Funk Sanctum Radio and want to tune in? The main way is directly through live365. Another convenient way to listen on Facebook has been through Streema Online Radio Stations. Streema is an online radio tuner whereby you can listen to any of the free radio stations that broadcast from around the world with just a few clicks in an intuitive web-based platform. Funk Sanctum Radio is already listed in Streema (on the next-to-last page in House), and I am enlisting your helping in improving that ranking.

Register now for this cool free music service, so that you can save your temporary favorites (and be sure to add FUNK SANCTUM RADIO+ to your list. It's safe, fast, and (again) FREE. :)

The Streema Radio Widget is finally here! This was their official announcement on May 12:

“Today we are reeeeaaally happy to announce we’ve released the first version of the Streema Widget!! This has been one of the most requested features, so we hope you really enjoy it!  The widget enables anybody to grab a simple piece of code from our site and bring radio into your blog, website or social profile. In order to play a radio, it calls up a pop-up player (very similar to the one used in our application for Facebook Pages), so that people can continue browsing your site while enjoying a great station chosen by you. . ..”

You can include Funk Sanctum Radio by your own dj Goddessa (me) to your favorites and share your recommendations! Check out how it works right here in this blog post. (to grab the code for this station, go here). If you want to select another radio station, just go to the Streema radio directory, go to a station’s profile, and once there, click on “Get this Radio Widget.”  Thank you so much for your support.  Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to share some love today!

Woah, how did that widget separate?  I was trying to center the whole thing and just the "Listen" part and this text is now centered.  The top part of the widget remained flush left.  A "little" knowledge is a dangerous thing !!!

Have a Fantastic Funky Friday! 

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