Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Jewel Video Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. at The DC Armory--Sat., May 8, 2010

Happy Funky Friday, Family,

I was fortunate to watch this video this a.m., and was very anxious to share it with everyone.  Having spent many hours jumping rope as a girl, this brought back double-dutch memories.  Here it is from my friend Cosmicfunkoasis on YouTube.  He said:

"Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. at The DC Armory--Sat., May 8, 2010  -- The AMAZING Halftime entertainment for the DC Roller Girls season ending double-header at The DC Armory (Sat., 5-8-2010). These kids did things with jump ropes that I almost forgot CAN BE DONE. Plus, they set the whole crowd off. Since you
probably couldn't make it, I captured and UPLOADED their whole show. Prepare yourselves."

 I agree wholeheartedly!  What do you think, please leave a comment cause these kids inspired me!  (even some great House Music in the background!  This was a halftime for roller derby in DC, i'm going to roller derby today in Long Beach, a little cosmic hehe.

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