Monday, June 07, 2010

Listener (Fan) E-Mail "In-Box Jewel" :)


          This blog, In-Box Jewels, was born after I realized:  (1) blogs are free; (2) the possibility of monetizing this site while continuing to remain a commercial-free station; (3) I could maintain my anonymity whilst baring my soul and blogging off-subject on company time; and (4) getting and sharing the Holy Spirit through music, art, love and fun.  Last week I told my office manager I did not clock in because there was no work.  She told me “Never do that again. It is not your problem that there is no work here. In the future clock in.”  I was going to argue with her this could be construed as dishonest but quickly came to my senses and enthusiastically simply replied “okay.” Hence, here I sit sharing with you guilt-free, dear readers, my heart and "In-Box Jewels"  from Funk Sanctum Internet Radio and djGoddessa’s In-Box.

          As many of you know, I recently experienced a big fat financial loss like some of you. When considering how to streamline my budget to survive these times, my little hobby station since 1990, Funk Sanctum Internet Radio, topped my list of not being necessary for my survival on this planet, closing the station was my logical next step. As fate would have it, however, I received this letter from a fan (or possibly someone from who could “smell” they could not be getting those monthly fees from me):

 “Hey Sis-
           I've been listening to [you] off and on for a very long time on Live365. (I think I found you '02, or '03). I've watched you evolved and I LOVE where you're at now. I can't tell how much your program means to me. It's almost as important as the air that I breath. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KEEPING IT BLACK AND FUNKY.
                                                                     God Bless,
                                                                     Khepfere”   (Emphasis in original.)

          How can I shut down Funk Sanctum after receiving this e-mail?  My programming means something to someone and is healing someone other than myself, so I now feel a renewed obligation to continue.  This e-mail from “Khepfere” (who I do not know and cannot find and has not subsequently written me) inspired me to create some buzz around Funk Sanctum Internet Radio and djGoddessa.  Who knows?  Maybe I will even get a sponsor who will continue to let me play my personal favorites in Underground Spiritual House Music, Intelligent Dance, Independent and/or Unsigned Artists, Techno, World Music, Psychedelic Jazz, R&B, Funk, Electronic, Urban, House Music and Dance Music.

          The main theme of Funk Sanctum Internet Radio is NO COMMERCIALS!  You will never hear interruptions by advertisers. There will never be pledge drives. You will never hear anyone begging for money. Actually, you will never, ever hear me. What you will hear is commercial-free PURE MUSIC, so clear the furniture, turn up your speakers, click play, and dance with me.

         “Why is a commercial-free station important and how can you do that, dj Goddessa?” you ask.

           dj Goddessa responds:

           “I pay more for a "Pro" account whereby the stream's content, and cannot throw ads in. Secondly, Funk Sanctum is 100% legal thereby paying all royalties, fees, etc., I am actually giving back to the music community and supporting the individual musicians and artists.”

          It is now 7:17 a.m., here.  The head file clerk just walked by my desk. She thought I was working because she heard these keys banging. She does not even think it strange that I have a big smile on my face even though the work here is hardly ever funny!

          It is now 7:28 a.m., and the office manager has arrived. I have got to keep these fingers typing. The building’s air conditioner just kicked in. Turning on my personal heater under my desk (against the rules). Trying to be an upstanding, law-abiding citizen, but some of the manmade rules and laws seem impossible for anyone to follow. How can I type with frozen fingers? Speaking of rules, I guess the main insane rule here is no personal use of the Internet!  (LMAO)

          I am inviting you to subscribe to this blog, In-Box Jewels. where we will be getting and sharing the Holy Spirit through music, art, love and fun. Also, please let me know how you think I am progressing.  If you enjoy discovering independent, underground music, spiritual house music, intelligent dance, unsigned artists, World Music, psychedelic jazz, R&B, Urban, etc., etc., in a commercial-free setting, join us in djGoddessa's Funk Sanctum Radio, streaming 24/7 on the Internet and on your personal handheld!  Use me. Share me. Join me. But most importantly, stay in the love and remember to share some love today! 

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