Friday, May 28, 2010

Cable Recordings Cable launches Johan Afterglow's 'You-Boat EP'

Happy Friday, Family!

Oh how is wish i was uploading the video worked on all last night of the full moon over the harbor from my patio last night. However, i need more training and need to RTFM!

However, this is just in! I am excited to share with you today's "In-Box Jewel" and give a thank-you and shout-out today to Cable Recordings who delivered this gem to my e-mail personally.

Johan Afterglow's "You-Boat EP" which is now in rotation in Funk Sanctum. What do you think? Make you dance or cry? I am proud to be displaying the entrancing album artwork. That pretties up my page by a few notches, eh?

Have a Glorious Memorial Day Weekend,

You-Boat - EP
"You-Boat" (mp3)
from "You-Boat - EP"
(Cable Recordings)

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More On This Album

CABL013: Cable Recordings
1. You-Boat
2. Jona
3. Day Before

Swedish analogue electro-tech producer Johan Afterglow: Never afraid of keeping things simple, Johan often concentrate on the elemental ingredients of electronic dance music; the kick, the clap, the hihat and the bass never rushing things, building it up and breaking it down and everyone is invited to his dance.

Johan is a man of many musical faces, not a newcomer in the scene, and becoming a somewhat household name in remixing, production, DJing and hard, funky electro-tech, with releases on Capitol, Virgin, V2, EMI, Platform B, Farbenfroh, Klientele Music, 9 Records etc... Johan Afterglow shows that he's a man of many talents and tastes, ambition – expect anything from this guy!
Cable is proud to present Johan’s first for us – the “You-Boat EP”

Mastering by Don C @ Phuture Trax

Cable Recordings Cable launches Johan Afterglow's 'You-Boat EP'
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