Friday, April 23, 2010

In-Box Jewel . . . Justin Johnson "New York Stories - The Remixes"

New York Stories - The RemixesJustin Johnson, 3PO
"New York Stories" (mp3)
from "New York Stories - The Remixes"
(Cable Recordings)

WOOHOO - - - - this is why I love dj’ing. I got an email that a new record is out. They list where it has been featured and the dj’s who have previewed it. I would have previewed it. WTF?? Ok, look on sidebar for sites where I can BUY it. They are listed with e-music where i have account because it is affordable, so I make it to their page on, and discover they are on the IODA label. Yah! Okay, sign into my IODA account where I get free downloads of selected tracks. Go to the Featured Album section, and Lo and behold, the first thing in my In-Box, this Jewel–which they wanted me to buy, but I got the preview from IODA.

Okay, so, now I am asking you to buy it. :) It’s banging and highly recommended by djGoddessa.

P.S.  I put Link +Image to Avatar as an experiment and do not know how to remove it from this post, sry.

Happy Friday, Family! Love,
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