Friday, April 15, 2011

Funky #FollowFriday Followup to Disappearing Titles

Dear Family,

Thank you for noticing that the Titles are now appearing on all posts.  However, the reason I started trying to tweak this blog in the first place is that i spent a long time last year putting in what (i thought) was the code to have the title of the blog and title of the posts reversed in searches which supposedly helps in SEO optimization.  When I noticed that code was missing, just trying to fix that one aspect, the title of my post disappeared.

Then i noticed that the new cute sharing buttons recently added were still there, but the default sharing buttons from blogger were showing as well.  WTF?  Went on searching expedition to fix this and will post the result here because will probably need it again, or maybe you will.

"The share buttons still appeared on my blog even though the check box for them was unchecked.  However, I have learned that we can fix this problem by editing the HTML of our blog templates. Some blogs have mysteriously lost the conditional tag surrounding the HTML for the share buttons in their templates, and this method restores the conditional tags so that the Configure Blog Posts options will function properly. Only do this if you have tried unchecking the 'Show Share Buttons' method described above by marcy.fromNZ and chanelkline and found that it did not work.

Open up your blog template's HTML for editing (Dashboard | Design | Edit HTML), then check "Expand Widget Templates", then use your browser's Find function (Ctrl+F) to search for "post-share-buttons", and then replace this:

  <div class="post-share-buttons">

with this:

 <!-- share buttons -->
      <b:if cond='data:post.sharePostUrl'>
        <div class='post-share-buttons'>
          <b:include data='post' name='shareButtons'/>

The 'Show Share Buttons' check box in the Configure Blog Posts window should now work (Dashboard | Design | PageElements | Blog Posts->Edit). The 'Show Share Buttons' check box in the Configure Blog Posts window might actually be checked after you do this, but when you uncheck it this time, it should work.

It worked for me.  Now on to trying to re-fix the order of Blog Title and post title.  Have a great weekend, family.
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